[FM30X] Affordable Eating Lesson Complete!

Letter from the desk of: Dr. Anthony Balduzzi
You’re chugging along nicely on the program!
Founder, The Fit Mother Project
Creator, Fit Mother 30X


Nice work on completing your first Special Bonus Lesson on “Affordable Healthy.”

Tomorrow is your 6th day on the program… Time flies when you’re making progress, eh?

Anyways, your Week #1 Check-in is right around the corner. At that first weekly check-in, I’ll give you the opportunity to enter your weight here on the membership site so we can keep track of how you’re progressing.

In FM30X Week #2 (Days 7-14), I have a lot of AWESOME upcoming content for you.

In particular, I want you to look forward to some of the following lessons coming up for you this next week:

  • The 3 Best Sleep Strategies To Implement
  • The Secret To Eating Slower For Fat Loss
  • The Alcohol & Fat Loss Guide (this one is really awesome)

Dr. Anthony Balduzzi
Founder, The Fit Mother Project
Creator, FM30X Program Series
Has helped over 22,000 families lose 90,000lbs