Congratulations! Here’s Your Motivation Bible + Success Journal Tracking Sheets

Congratulations and welcome to FM30X, !

To help you have the best experience possible with this FM30X program, our team has created these special resources & guides to help speed up your results and help you stay on track.

In addition to your actual FM30X Program which contains your meal plan, workouts, mission statement, and bonus training, my team and I know you’re going to find a ton of value from this FM30X Success Tracker, Motivation Bible, & Private Accountability Group.

Important Note #1: If you did choose to purchase the Motivation & Discipline Bible program add-on, that’s linked below for you as well. If you want to get access to that powerful program add-on, you can click here to order it now. We’ll make sure it gets added to your member’s area today.

Important Note #2: These Accelerate Program Materials are designed to support your success with the Fit Mother 30X Program. You will still need to complete the regular FM30X Program Setup Steps, and I have a ton of additional surprise bonuses loaded up into your FM30X Program now too because you’re in Accelerate too.

See the special links below for your Accelerate Materials:

Welcome to the family, !

Enjoy FM30X! I hope you find these resources valuable. Let’s get this thing started 🙂

-Dr. Anthony Balduzzi
Creator, The FM30X Program Series: Phases #1-4
Creator, Fit Mother All-Access Membership (Every Program We Offer)