Your FM30X Program Is Officially Started

Congratulations ! You've completed all the setup steps for Fit Mother 30X.


Nice work on completing your program setup steps!

Your 30-Days of accountability emails are officially on their way. My team and I are very excited to keep you accountable over the next month.

Unlike 99.99% of garbage fitness programs out there, FM30X is interactive. I'll be sending you daily content and motivation to keep you on-track throughout the next 30-days.

In return for the accountability I'll be providing you with, I expect that you participate with me throughout the program by opening the emails, reading the training modules, and completing all the special lessons I created for you.

Not only are you going to see REAL RESULTS by implementing the meal plan and workouts - you are also going to receive a ton of GREAT INFORMATION on important health topics for you.

Keep an eye out for the near-daily program emails I'll be sending you. All the FM30X program emails will come from our training email and will always start with the subject title "[FM30X]."

Inside those emails, I'll be linking you back into this course site where I have some more awesome bonus training for you. As always, if you have any questions, simply hit reply to any of the program emails.

Your official "Day #1" of FM30X Phase #1 starts tomorrow.

[SPECIAL DOWNLOAD LINK] As you're getting ready to start tomorrow, I created this special FM30X Success Journal & Tracker for you to review and print. This powerful journal will keep you on track with FM30X while simultaneously improving other key areas of your life (your happiness, relationships, and productivity in particular) Enjoy! Keep an eye out for an email from me tomorrow.

Let's do this thing,
-Dr. Anthony Balduzzi
Creator of The Fit Mother 30X
Creator of Fit Mother For Life (all access membership)