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Because you and I are straight-shooting types of guys, I’m going to get right to the point. Here are the simple facts…

Fact #1: You’ve  already made the great commitment to living healthier by joining the Fit Father Project.

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After FF30X, here’s specifically what’s next for you…

  • FF30X Phase #2 – (Days # 31-90 on the Program) – designed to accelerate your fat loss & build some new lean muscle.
  • FF30X Phase #3 – (Days # 91-180 on the Program) – designed to help you reach your final weight loss goal while continuing to build more muscle.
  • Travel Fit – the world’s first healthy traveling program that shows you how to stay on track with good eating & exercise while traveling on business or vacation.
  • Old School Muscle – the advanced muscle building specific program for men 40+ for when your goals shift from losing fat to packing on lean muscle.

Because it’s our mission to get the proven health programs into the hands of EVERY FATHER who wants to live healthier, we decided to do something special in creating this new Membership.

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  • Advanced Motivation & Discipline Bible Training

PLUS: As a New Member, you’ll also get instant access to *EVERY NEW PROGRAM* we release in 2018 as a part of your subscription – including:

  • The Fit Father “At Home” Boxing Program
  • The Fit Father Ultimate Flexibility Program
  • Raising An Athlete Program

We designed Fit Father For Life to be your ultimate solution to receive the ongoing support & continued results you desire.

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Your coach,
Dr. Anthony Balduzzi
Founder, The Fit Father Project
Creator, Fit Father For Life – All Access Membership