Week #4 Check-In Received!

, Awesome job on Phase #1! Now It’s Time To Join Fit Mother For Life TODAY And Get Access To Your Full 12-Month Transformation Program

Special Invitation From The Desk Of:
Dr. Anthony Balduzzi
Founder, The Fit Mother Project
Creator, The Fit Mother For Life Membership


Because you’ve already joined Fit Mother 30X, I know you’re the type of woman who wants to make healthy living a “for life” thing. I respect you deeply for you that.

Truth be told, most women hope and wish that they’ll look and feel better but they never take action to improve themselves. You already have, and I absolutely love that.

I also know you want to continue seeing great results as you progress toward your goal health and body.

My team and I are 100% committed to continuing to support you. That’s why we created the Fit Mother For Life membership to hand you everything you need to continue losing fat, sculpting your body, and staying 100% on track and motivated for the rest of this year and beyond.

I am extending you your formal invitation to go deeper with me and my team on this page inside our Fit Mother For Life: All Access Membership.


As you know by now, getting healthy again is a step-by-step process. It took years of bad eating and lack of exercise to get “unhealthy.” And it’s going to take some time to unwind all of that damage as we’re on our way to getting your body looking & feeling the best you have in decades.

The good news is that you’re already on the right path…

The “potentially” bad news is that you’re also at a critical “tipping point” right now…

See, after FM30X Phase #1, many women stop following the structured plan. Yes. Although they’re starting to look and feel much better and seeing great results in Phase #1… some women say to themselves “I’ll just do the rest on my own” or “just continue what I’m doing right now.”

What happens next is not pretty

Can you guess what happens to the 5-15lbs those women lost in Phase #1 when they fail to make the necessary program tweaks…?

They regain the weight in a matter of weeks. It happens almost every time. After regaining the weight, they lose their motivation. And, worst of all, they slip back into old unhealthy eating patterns as they feel so guilty and frustrated with themselves (the cycle repeats itself…again).

It truly breaks my heart to see this happen to deserving women who already had the solution for lasting results right in front of them!

I absolutely refuse to watch you slip backwards and lose the momentum you have right now. It’s my deepest life purpose to get you healthy for life – not just for a fad diet or “quick 30-day fix.”


From helping thousands of women in our Fit Mother Programs, we know that your next step to guaranteed success is for you to join Fit Mother For Life, which gives you instant access to FM30X Phase #2, Phase #3, and every other “specialty program” we offer (Travel Fit, Total Body Tune-Up, etc.).

I created these next level Fit Mother 30X Programs for you because I know it’s absolutely essential that you have a completely laid out, crystal clear, step-by-step path to follow – so that we can continue our success together by handing you the next phase eating plan, workouts, and accountability during every stage of your journey.

When you become a member today, you’ll be able to begin your simple FM30X Phase #2 setup steps so we can ensure you continue progressing and don’t slip back into your old, unhealthy patterns and routines.

I often get asked by women in our program…

“Dr. A, I want to join Fit Mother For Life and get FM30X Phase #2… but I wasn’t perfectly consistent on Phase #1… are these continuation programs still right for me?”

Answer: Yes! It’s 100% fine if you weren’t perfectly consistent over these past 30 days. The reality is that nobody is perfectly consistent. We’re all juggling work, family, life responsibilities, and our fitness.

That’s why I specifically designed your FM30X Phase #2 Program to build on the eating and exercise foundation you’ve started in Phase #1 in a gradual, progressive way to ensure you succeed.

PLUS: When you join Fit Mother For Life, you’ll also get Free Lifetime Resets of FM30X Phase #1, so you can restart the entire program series at any time in the future.

Here’s How Fit Mother For Life + PHASE #2 Works…

When you become a Fit Mother For Life Member, you’ll get instant access to every program we offer – including FM30X Phase #2.

Phase #2 picks up right where FM30X Phase #1 leaves off. It walks you through months of new workouts, new advanced fat loss eating tips, and continued accountability coaching to keep you on track.

You’ll continue to receive weekly check-in emails and bonus email training you’ve come to love… PLUS with Fit Mother For Life, you also get new workouts and new recipes each month you’re on the program.

To reward you for your commitment so far and to make getting you started on Fit Mother For Life & Phase #2 an absolute no brainer, I wanted to make you an offer so good you can’t refuse.

Here’s what you’ll get Instant Access to when you join Fit Mother All-Access Today:

  • The FM30X Phase #2 Program$127
  • The FM30X Phase #3 Program$197
  • The FM30X Phase #4 Program$297
  • Instant access to every bonus program we currently offer in your FMP Member’s Area (Travel Fit, Total Body Tune-Up, The Unstoppable Morning Routine, etc) – $397
  • Instant access to every new program we release as a subscribing member
  • Plus: You’ll also get 1x access token every 90-Days to our men’s program Fit Father 30X (FF30X) that you can gift to any of the special men in your life that you want to help life healthier – $388

Total Value of Fit Mother All-Access: $1406.00

YET… you aren’t going to pay *anything close to the total package value*, because I want to reward you for being a committed Fit Mother. So here’s the special offer I have for you today…

Join Fit Mother All-Access Today – 80% Off

You can start your Fit Mother All-Access Membership by joining Quarterly (3 Month Membership) or you can get a LIFETIME Membership – where you pay once and lock in this entire Membership and all these benefits for life… and you never pay again. Scroll below and pick the membership option that’s best for you right now. You get instant access to every next-level programs that’ll guarantee you reach your final weight loss goal. Start your membership below:

Please select your preferred option above and click your upgrade button. We’ll immediately upgrade your account and add Phase #2 and all the other programs to your membership site.

When I started the Fit Mother & Fit Father Project, I made a sacred promise to help busy moms and dads get AND stay permanently healthy for their families…

I’m keeping that promise here by handing you everything you need to succeed inside Fit Mother All-Access.

This Fit Mother All-Access Membership and the 100% results & satisfaction guarantee that we back this membership with are part of my life mission to ensure that deserving moms like you have all the tools and support to stay track with your eating and exercise so that you are healthy for yourself and family…for life.

Here’s what to do next…

Choose which package you want and click one of the buttons below. My team will upgrade you immediately to your Fit Mother All-Access Membership and add all the new programs to your membership area. Your upgrade to Fit Mother All-Access is backed by our Bulletproof 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.

Try Fit Mother All-Access risk free today. Get started with FM30X Phase #2 Program. And if you’re not “bouncing off the walls thrilled” with your results or the continued quality of our programs… you don’t pay a penny. It’s that simple.

*After picking your perferred option below, my team will upgrade your account to get you immediate access to your new Phase #2 nutrition guide, workouts, and accountability coaching.*

Still have Questions? Here are the answers to some FAQs…

Q: Is Phase #2 Included in this Fit Mother All-Access Membership?

Answer: Yes! When you become a Fit Mother All-Access Member today, you get instant access to the FM30X Phase #2 Program that you can start immediately. FM30X Phase #2 picks right up from where you are today and walks you through Days #31-90 of your transformation. You’ll also get instant access to the amazing FM30X Phase #3 Program (Days #91-180) which you’ll automatically roll into after completing FM30X Phase #2.

Q: Do I need any new equipment or supplements to start Fit Mother All-Access & Phase #2?

Answer: Nope! You are all set. Because you are on FM30X Phase #1, you already have everything you need to get started with our next phase programs. The workouts in FM30X Phases #2 + #3 use the same “at home” and “at the gym” setups so you can conveniently pick the workout plans to match the type of equipment you have access to.

Q: How long is this Fit Mother All-Access Membership & Phase #2?

Answer: Tour Fit Mother All-Access Membership hands you all the programs you need to continue for the next 6-12-Months. The first program you’ll start right away is FM30X Phase #2. As I mentioned above, Phase #2 picks up right after FM30X Phase #1 and will cover everything you need to do to continue losing fat and sculpting and shaping your body. As a Fit Mother All-Access Member, you will continue on to our Phase #3 & Phase #4 fat loss programs until you reach your goal weight and body fat… and at any time, you can switch your focus to any of our bonus programs (Travel Fit, Total Body Tune-Up, The Fit Mom Unstoppable Morning Routine, etc). Every program you need is already waiting for you inside your Fit Mother All-Access Membership.

Q: How does the guarantee work for my Fit Mother All-Access Membership?

Answer: Simple. Just like Fit Mother 30X Phase #1, we back this program with our 100% Satisfaction Money Back Guarantee for 30-days. You can go through all of our new programs, and if you’re not “bouncing off the walls thrilled,” we give you a full and prompt refund. It’s that simple. You know how much we care about your results and the quality of our programs. That’s why we make these guarantees to you.

Ready for next level results? Here’s what to do next…

1) Click the upgrade buttons below to join Fit Mother All-Access Membership and get instant access to every program we offer – including Phase #2.

2) Get instant access to your new Phase #2 workouts, meal plan, and continued accountability on the very next page – including every other program we offer (Total Body Tune-Up, Travel Fit, etc).

At this point, you’ve seen first-hand:

  • the quality of the Fit Mother programs….
  • how good our Fit Mother coaching is…
  • how good the improvements to your health are…

Most importantly, you how much my team and I care about you and your success. It’s my goal with the Fit Mother Project to make your continued success as simple as possible.

Get started on the package you choose by clicking one of the buttons below. All of the packages are backed by our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee, and I know you’re going to love this new training.

*After picking your preferred option below, my team will upgrade your account to get you immediate access to your new Phase #2 diet plan, workouts, and accountability coaching.*

If you have any unanswered questions about these packages, you can email our team here.

I can’t wait to see you in the next page inside your FM30X Phase #2 program!

Your coach & friend,
-Dr. Anthony Balduzzi
Creator, Fit Mother All-Access Membership
Founder, The Fit Mother Project