Your Next Steps After FF30X

, Here Are The 3 Essential Next Steps You Need After FF30X Or You’re Virtually Guaranteed To Hit A Motivation Killing Weight Loss Plateau…

Letter from the desk of: Dr. Anthony Balduzzi
How to ensure your success after FF30X…
Founder, The Fit Father Project
Creator, Fit Father 30X Phases #1 & #2

From watching literally thousands of men graduate FF30X Phase #1, I’ve discovered 3 Key Success Patterns that separate the guys who CONTINUE to make permanent weight loss & health improvements after these first 30-days on FF30X from the guys who sadly slip back into old patterns and lose all their progress and momentum.

Because I care about your long term results more than anything, I want to share these 3 Key Success Patterns with yo so we can ensure you keep moving forward and avoid hitting a motivation killing plateau.

Step #1: Your body needs NEW WORKOUTS roughly every 30 days to keep progressing.

After FF30X Phase #1 you need new fresh workouts.

Fact: our bodies are so good at adapting to exercise routines that we “get used to” the same workouts over roughly the period of 30-days – even if those workouts are as good as the R8X routine.

Failing to change up your workout routine is one main reason that guys hit massive plateaus with their progress after the 30-day mark.

Maybe you’ve experienced something like this before…

You’re progressing really well for 30 days and then you hit a BRICK WALL with your progress.

Your workout routine that “used to work” no longer seems to be helping – even though you’re still following the plan and working hard at exercise.

Plateaus like this can be incredibly frustrating.

That’s why it’s absolutely essential to change up your workouts EVERY MONTH to provide your body with a NEW training stimulus to keep you progressing.

Change up workoutsAt this point, you’ve been made good progress with the Phase #1 workouts. Now, it’s time to take things to the next level with fresh new workouts – using some simple tweaks to your exercises, reps, sets, & rest periods.

green-check-darkThe guys who continue to progress after Phase #1 get on a new workout plan after 30-days.

red-x-checkThe guys who stop progressing after Phase #1 fail to start the new workout plan. Sadly, their bodies don’t respond the same way to the R8X workouts  – leading to frustration, loss of motivation, & eventually falling off track.

The Key Point: it’s absolutely essential to get on started on fresh, new workouts to keep you progressing.

YET… new workouts are not all you need now that you’re nearly done with Phase #1…

Step #2: Your body ALSO needs new meal plan tweaks.

nutrition-tweaks-topAt this point, you have been successfully using the basic Fit Father Meal Plan that covers the foundations of proper meal timing, portion control, and hydration.

As you’ve personally experienced, the basic Fit Father Meal Plan is incredibly effective for getting you kickstarted in the right direction…

However, to keep you progressing forward with your fat & weight loss, we need to make some important tweaks to the plan as your body is getting leaner.

Today, you are noticeable leaner than you were on Day #1 of FF30X Phase #1. As such, your body’s metabolism and hormone balance has changed (in a good way).

You are probably noticing those internal changes through a general sense of feeling better and more energetic. That’s why after Phase #1 we need to make some small tweaks to the meal plan to adjust for where you’re at now and accelerate your results.

It’s important that we begin adding some more advanced fat loss eating strategies into your meal plan to accelerate your results now that you have the foundational eating habits in place from Phase #1.

The Key Point: After these first 30-days on Phase #1, we need to make some powerful eating tweaks to our current approach to ensure you continue to lose fat and build muscle.

change-up-meal-plans-460green-check-darkThe guys who continue to progress after Phase #1 get on the upgraded meal plan after 30-days.

red-x-checkThe guys who stop progressing after Phase #1 try to use the same meals, portions, and food combinations  – leading to frustrating plateaus, loss of motivation, and eventually falling off track.

It’s essential to “upgrade” your Phase #1 meal plan now with some simple yet powerful tweaks.

LASTLY… there is one “final ingredient” that is necessary to propel you forward after these first 30-days…

Step #3: You need continued coaching & accountability.

rocky-and-mickey-training-copyFF30X is a fantastic program – largely because of the coaching and accountability that you’ve been receiving.

As you’ve seen first hand, coaching is the “magic ingredient” that makes all the strategies and tactics “work.”

It’s no accident that all the world’s top atheletes have elite coaches that they continue to work and progress with for years.

After seeing success, the best athletes obviously continue with their coaches and training sytems that helped get to their new benchmark performance level.

It’s a fact. Good coaches keep you accountable. Good coaching keep you motivated when times get tough. Good coaches make your permanent, long-term success 100X more likely.

All phases of this FF30X system lies are powerful – not simply because the meal plan & workouts are incredibly effective… the power of this system lies in the accountability structure where I am in your corner keeping you on track long-term.

As busy guys, left to “our own devices,” it’s so easy for us to slip up and “get in our own way” – even if we’ve been doing well. For you, at this point after Phase #1, you cannot afford to slip backwards and lose momentum. Not this time.

accountability coaching teamThat’s why you need to continue with the same accountability coaching that got you here… to this new level of progress today… to continue charging forward to more success.

green-check-darkThe guys who continue to progress after Phase #1 stick with our Fit Father coaching system.

red-x-checkThe guys who stop progressing after Phase #1 try to “go at it on their own,” and eventually fall off track, lose their progress, get discouraged, and give up.

The Key Point: To continue winning, you need the same continued coaching & accountability that has been working for you up to this point.

, I’m Here To support you With Everything You Need To ensure your success after FF30X Phase #1…

I created the FF30X Phase #2 Program that has everything you need to succeed with continued fat loss, new muscle building, and bulletproof accountability LONG after these first 30-days.

And to ensure you have the new workouts and new meal plan tweaks your body needs to continued progressing, I designed a continuation program for you to start immediately after FF30X called “Phase #2.”

Phase #2 Is Your Answer To Continued Progress, Guaranteed…

As you know by now, my #1 priority is your long-term success. I don’t care if I help you lose 15lbs only to watch you gain 20lbs back. That’s not forward progress. It’s wasted time.

That’s why in designing the FF30X Program Journey, I wanted to ensure you and I had a crystal clear path to continue our success together by handing you the next phase diet, exercise, and accountability plan you need right now to continue progressing.

Your next program step is called FF30X Phase #2.

Phase #2 hands you EVERYTHING your body needs right now after FF30X to shred more fat, keep you 100% accountable, & ensure you don’t hit a frustrating weight loss plateau.

Now, to get started on Phase #2, it doesn’t matter if you haven’t been perfectly consistent with FF30X these past 30 days. Nobody is perfectly consistent. We are all juggling work, family, and fitness.

That’s why I specifically designed FF30X Phase #2 to meet you where you’re at right now and build on the eating and exercise foundation you’ve started on FF30X.

How effective is Fit Father Phase #2..?

The transformation pictures you’re about to see on the rest of this page speak for themselves.

**80% of our most successful Fit Fathers – the guys who’s pictures and success stories you see all over our Fit Father Project site, email newsletter, and the rest of this page – are men who continued onto Phase #2.

Phase #2 is for guys like Carlos (on the right) who wanted to move his body through a complete transformation. If you just wanted to lose 15lbs with FF30X and you’re satisfied with your current body, Phase #2 is not for you.

Phase #2 is built for guys who want the best results, and want to look in the mirror to see a lean, ageless, and strong body that they are proud of. A body they built using a clear, simple, and proven program.

Think of FF30X Phase #2 as your results accelerator and fresh new start that’s designed to help get rid of your remaining stubborn belly fat and get you fully aligned with the new workouts & meal plan.

Remember: Even if you weren’t 100% consistent with Day #1-30 on FF30X, Phase #2 will still work incredibly well for you.

In fact, because I’ll be showing you the more advanced fat loss strategies, you’ll see even faster results with your diet & exercise than FF30X Phase #1 alone – no matter your progress on Phase #1.

Plus, on Phase #2, you’ll have me in your ear from the very first day keeping you accountable and getting you fully back on track on the program to ensure you see the results you desire and fly forward with your progress as you close in on your ideal goal weight.

When you get Phase #2 today, you’ll get instant access to everything you need for fast & continued results:


  • your brand new Phase #2 workout program
  • your brand new Phase #2 fat loss eating plan
  • more great VIP coaching & accountability from our Fit Father Team that you’ve come to love
  • Plus: a complete FF30X Phase #1 reset (you can use anytime in the future)

Again, just like Fit Father 30X Phase #1 that you’ve already used, FF30X Phase #2 is incredibly simple.

We’ll simply make some simple *yet powerful* tweaks to the core Fit Father Meal Plan you’re already using and loving. And you’ll get completely new workouts that are precision designed to ignite your metabolism and ensure you don’t hit a progress plateau.

Phase #2 will help ensure that you transform all the momentum we’re built this month into permanent health changes that you can sustain longterm and even faster results.

Here’s Exactly How Phase #2 Works…

Phase #2 picks up right where FF30X leaves off.

It walks you through Say #31-90 program – with two full months of new workouts, new advanced fat loss eating tips, and continued accountability coaching to keep you on track.

Just like FF30X, you’ll receive weekly check-in emails and bonus email training you’ve come to love… PLUS with Phase #2, you also get new workouts and new recipes each month on the program.

And, to reward you for your commitment so far and to make getting you started on Phase #2 an absolute no brainer, I wanted to make FF30X Phase #2 such an incredible value that you can’t refuse.

Here’s everything you get in Phase #2:

  • Phase #2 Day 31- 60 Workout Plan – $97
  • Phase #2 Day 31- 90 Fat Loss Diet Plan – $97
  • Phase #2 Day 61- 90 Workout Plan – $97
  • Phase #2 Day 61- 90 Fat Loss Diet Plan – $97
  • Phase #2 Accountability Coaching – $200
  • Plus: a complete FF30X Phase #1 reset (you can use anytime in the future if you need it) – $97

Total Value of Phase #2: $685.00

Yet, as I said above… you aren’t going to pay anything close to the total package value, because I want to reward you for being a committed Fit Father and hand you the exact tools you need to succeed.

What are you going to pay for all this?

Just $77 for two months for access to the proven plan that will guarantee your continued success and empower you to reach your final weight loss goal.

That’s less than the price of a family dinner for guaranteed results – including over $685.00 in training and insurance that you’ll stay on track with your health goals and not slip back into old habits.

When you upgrade to Phase #2 using the buttons below, you’ll get instant access to the complete proven that will walk you, step-by-step, to your ideal goal weight and body – and, just like FF30X, I guarantee your satisfaction and results.

Click below to join Phase #2 today. I listed everything included in easy tables with everything included in each package for you. I also want to offer you some additional savings if you’d prefer to pay for both months of Phase #2 in full.

At this point, you know my mission with the Fit Father Project to help busy guys stay permanently healthy for their families… and you’ve probably heard the story with my own Dad who didn’t take care of himself and lost his life because of his choices.

In building the Fit Father Project, I made my Dad a promise, and I’m keeping it here.

If I can help you, a father, husband, and son continue getting fit and healthy for life… I win. It’s not about the money. I can (and do, actually) train men privately 1-on-1 for over $5000/month getting the same results.

This Phase #2 Program, the coaching, & the guarantee are part of my life mission… to get deserving guys like you on track with your eating and exercise and keep you on track for life.

Now, the decision is yours on what to do next…

But the impact of your decision is not…

Your entire family will remember today: either as the day they saw their dad continue on the successful path and finally reach his ultimate weight loss goal for life…

…or as the day they saw you leave it to chance and slipped back into old habits unwinding all the progress you’ve been so proud of.

If you’ve read this letter up until now, then you’re clearly the type of person who wants this lifelong health transformation… And at $77 on a proven plan created by a team who you already know and trust, there isn’t a single reason to stop.

Join Phase #2 below. I listed your continuation options below in easy tables with everything included in each package for you. I also want to offer you some additional savings if you’d prefer to pay for both months of Phase #2 in full.

Choose which package you want and click one of the buttons below. My team will upgrade you immediately to get you instant access to your new programs with your card on file. Just like FF30X, the entire Phase #2 program is backed by our Bulletproof 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.

*After picking your perferred option below, my team will upgrade your account to get you immediate access to your new Phase #2 diet plan, workouts, and accountability coaching.*

Still have Questions? Here are the answers to some FAQs…

Q: Do I need any new equipment or supplements to start Phase #2?

Answer: Nope! You are all set. Because you are on FF30X, you have everything you need already to get started with Phase #2. The workouts use the same “at home” and “at the gym” setups to match the type of equipment you have access to.

Q: How long is Phase #2?

Answer: Phase #2 is an additional 2 months of new workouts and nutrition. It picks up right after FF30X Phase #1 and will cover everything you need to do for Days #31-90. Most importantly, Phase #2 is the program that will get your weight down to your goal target and show you how to sustain your weight loss long-term.

Q: What’s after Phase #2?

Answer: Phase #2 is a completely structured 60-Day Program to help you reach your ultimate weight loss goal. After Phase #2, we’ll get you setup on our Fit Father 365 Lifestyle Program for maintenance where we’ll continue sending you new workouts, recipes, and monthly coaching for as long as you’re a member. We offer this Lifestyle Program to guys who finish Phase #2.

Q: How does the guarantee work for Phase #2?

Answer: Simple. Just like FF30X, we back this program with our 100% Satisfaction Money Back Guarantee for 60-days. You can go through the entire program, and if you’re not “bouncing off the walls thrilled,” we give you a full and prompt refund. It’s that simple. You know how much we care about your results and the quality of our programs. That’s why we make these guarantees to you.

Ready for next level results? Here’s what to do next…

1) Click the upgrade buttons below to get instant access to Phase #2.

2) You’ll get instant access to your new Phase #2 workouts, meal plan, and continued accountability on the very enxt page.

At this point, you’ve seen first-hand…

  • the quality of the Fit Father programs.
  • how good our Fit Father coaching is.
  • how good the results you experience are.
  • most importantly, you how much my team and I care about you and your success.

It’s my goal with the Fit Father Project to make your continued success as simple as possible.

Get started on the package you choose by clicking one of the buttons below. All of the packages are risk free just like FF30X, and I know you’re going to love this new training. My team will upgrade your account immediately with access to all the Phase #2 program materials.

With whichever package level you choose, I am looking forward to supporting you with even greater results with your Phase #2 program. Select your preferred package below.

*After picking your perferred option below, my team will upgrade your account to get you immediate access to your new Phase #2 diet plan, workouts, and accountability coaching.*

If you have any unanswered questions about these packages, you know where to email me.

Looking forward to seeing you on the next page in your Phase #2 program!

Your coach,
-Dr. Anthony Balduzzi
Creator, FF30X Phase #1 & 2
Founder, The Fit Father Project