[FF30X] Special Cheat Meal Lesson Complete

Free Meal Bonus Lesson Complete!
Letter from the desk of: Dr. Anthony Balduzzi
Creator, FF30X Program Series

Weight Submit Success,

Nice work on completing your Special Bonus Lesson on mastering “Free Meals.”

One of the things I love most about our Fit Father 30X system is that the program empowers you to enjoy foods you love on a regular basis – while still making amazing weight loss & fat loss progress. All you need are the simple strategies I’ve been teaching you throughout this program to make this a long-term lifestyle shift.

As we’re wrapping today’s lesson up, I have a few important notes for you today…

In a few days, we’ll be HALF-WAY through the final week on your FF30X Phase #1 Program! Time flies when you’re building momentum, eh? Again, I want to congratulate you on your effort so far in this Phase #1 Program.

Now, to ensure you are transitioning smoothly to the FF30X Phase #2 Continuation Plan as we’re wrapping FF30X Phase #1 up, I will begin to tell you more about your Phase #2 – which is your next set of workouts and meal plan tweaks your body needs.

I prepared this Phase #2 Overview Letter for you. Click here for a sneak peek of what’s next for you – your new meal plan, workouts, & accountability.

Important: Phase #2 is your next-step program that picks right up after Day #30 on FF30X. Phase #2 is specifically designed to be incredibly effective especially if you haven’t been 100% perfect on Phase #1 so far.

Nobody is perfect on this plan. The key is that we keep you moving forward with the necessary eating and exercise tweaks your body now needs.

I can’t wait to see your Phase #2 results.

Click here to get your next-step workouts and meal plan added to your account now.

We will add Phase #2 added to your account today and you will pick your start date after your wrap up Phase #1 this week so your transition is absolutely seamless.

Let’s get you ready for your next steps!

Dr. Anthony Balduzzi
Founder, The Fit Father Project
Creator, The FF30X Program Series (Phases #1-3)