[FF30X] Submit Your Week #4 Check-In

Letter from the desk of: Dr. Anthony Balduzzi
Founder, The Fit Father Project
Creator, FF30X Program Series (Phases #1 -3)
Here’s Your Week #4 Weight Check-in Pagetha


Welcome to your Week #4 weight update page!

Before you submit your weight today, I want to take a minute to congratulate you for your progress and work so far.

I know this program has challenged you. It’s helped you begin to break your old, unhealthy habits while also beginning making new healthy changes. True change is rarely easy, but it’s worth it.

By choosing to join the Fit Father Project, you’ve already separated yourself from the herd of average guys who “say they want to live healthier” but never take ANY REAL ACTION to improve themselves.

Because you’re here, you’re clearly cut from a much stronger cloth than most average guys. For that, I congratulate you, and want you to know that you have my deep respect.

On the rest of this page you’ll find the form to submit your Week #4 weight check-in.

Remember: As much as I’ve said this before, I want you to remember that it’s perfectly fine if you haven’t been completely consistent with the program so far. Don’t beat yourself up over it. Nobody is completely perfect on this plan. We designed the FF30X Program Series to work – without you needing to be perfect. That’s key!

Action Step: Complete the form below to submit your Week #4 weight check-in:

Quite frankly, now that we’ve laid down your foundation habits in Phase #1, we’re just getting to the good part in Phase #2 & #3 where we will accelerate your results.

So, here’s what to do next…

Step #1: Click here to open the Phase #2 Overview Letter to get started on your next program step.

That special link opens in a new window for you so you can get started on your next steps while still submitting your Week #4 weight check-in.

I can’t wait to get you started on Phase #2!

Dr. Anthony Balduzzi
Founder, The Fit Father Project
Creator, FF30X Series (Phases #1, #2, #3)
Has helped over 22,000 men lose 90,000lbs