The Fit Father Society Lifestyle Program

85% Of Our Most Successful Members Progress To Phase #2 After Finishing FF30X. Will you Be One Of Them…?


As you’ve hopefully experienced by now, FF30X flat out works for kickstarting your fat loss.

YES, nailing the first 30-days of your new healthy life is very important to build momentum & habits…

YET, the results you’ve seen over these past few weeks are only the tip of the iceberg of what’s possible for you…

If you’re anything like me, you want to make the new eating & exercise habits we’ve started to build together into permanent lifestyle changes – not some 30-day “quick-fix” gimmick.

danger-ff30x-2Over the past 5 years, I’ve watching hundreds of fathers finish FF30X, and I’ve had the unique opportunity to observe what happens AFTER they finish the program.

To be blunt:

  • Some guys continue to lose fat, reach their ideal goal, and keep the pounds off.
  • Other guys fall off track after FF30X, regain weight, & slip back into old patterns.

I’ve identified TWO (2) Dangerous Problems that threaten to derail even the most successful program members immediately after finishing FF30X.

To ensure your continued success FAR BEYOND these first 30-days, I want to quickly cover these 2 Dangers for you. More importantly, I’m going to show you how to avoid these two dangerous problems to see even greater success next month.

Sound good? Let’s dive in!

Danger #1: Your body is already adapting to the FF30X Plan, and you require new workouts & meal plan tweaks to continue progressing.

It’s a proven scientific fact:

Your body is designed to adapt to your workout routine & current food intake to reach a balance point called “homeostasis.”

When your body FIRST experiences a new physical stimulus (like when you started your FF30X workouts & Fit Father Meal Plan a few weeks back), your metabolism began to adjust to the new workouts & diet.

As a GOOD & IMMEDIATE result of your body’s INITIAL adaptations to FF30X…

  • Your body and metabolism began to burn off belly fat and dropping weight.

Here’s the problem though…

  • Your body is so good at adapting to physical changes that your metabolism quickly “gets used to” you doing the same workouts and eating the same foods.

between 30-45 days.

weight loss plateauWhen your body adapts to the diet & workouts you’re currently doing, your fat loss progress comes to a screeching halt, which is incredibly frustrating.

Before FF30X, have you ever started a diet, lost weight for a few weeks, and then hit a MASSIVE PLATEAU…?

You continue to exerise and follow the meal plan, yet you just can’t seem to make any additional progress…

If this sounds a bit familiar, you experienced these “adaptation effects” first hand.

I totally get it. I’ve been stuck at frustrating weight loss plateaus myself more times than I care to admit…

These frustrating fat loss progress plateaus are caused by your metabolism and key hormones adapting to the workouts and meal plan you’ve been following for the past few weeks…

That’s why it’s absolutely ESSENTIAL to change up your workouts & meal plan EVERY MONTH to provide your body with a new stimulus to keep you progressing.

Your next step after FF30X will dictate Whether You Continue Losing Weight Or Hit A Frustrating Plateau

success-after-ff30x-460There are very few things more frustrating than slowly losing all the weight loss progress you’ve made over the past few weeks.

Sadly, I get emails from guys who were extremely successful on FF30X (losing 20+lbs)…

Yet for some reason choose not to get started on new workouts & meal plans. They try to just repeat the FF30X plan (which doesn’t work as your body has adapted), and they write me a few weeks later to share the following…

• “Anthony, my progress totally stopped. I’m regaining the weight, and I don’t know what’s happening…”

• “I fell off track. I let you and myself down.”

• “I’ve blown the program. I feel like a total failure.”

Listen, there is nothing more frustrating and discouraging than taking 10 steps backward after you’ve already experienced good success over the past few weeks.

The Really Good News: is that failure after FF30X doesn’t have to happen to you.

Here are the 3 Key Ingredients You need As You Finish FF30X

You can continue to be successful after FF30X all you need is the following 3 (THREE) KEY INGREDIENTS:

Key #1: You need simple tweaks to your meal plan (food combinations, portions, & timing).

Key #2: You need new workouts to reinvigorate your metabolism for continued fat burning.

Key #3: You need continued accountability to keep you motivated, disciplined, & on-track.

Because I want to ensure the results of our work together are PERMANENT…

I decided to design a continuation program for you to start right after FF30X that will hand you…

green-check-darkThe fresh, new, & effective workouts.

green-check-darkNew, simple, & powerful tweaks to your current meal plan.

green-check-darkThe continued accountability & coaching you’ve been enjoying so far.

And I wanted to create this solution for you that will fix this body adaptation problem for every month – while keeping you accountable with me in your corner so that you can continue improving your health, strength, & body fat levels – long term.

I decided to call it “The Fit Father Society Lifestyle Program.”

The Fit Father Society Lifestyle Program Is Your Final Solution

“The Society” is a Lifestyle Program for guys who want to make PERMANENT HEALTH CHANGES – far beyond the initial 30-days of the Fit Father Program.

It’s an invitation-only program for guys like you who are on the FF30X Program – because you have proven to both me and yourself that you can PRODUCE RESULTS and that you want to continue making progress on the next-level plan.

We only let A-players into “The Society.” Doing FF30X is our way of knowing you’re already serious.

When you accept your invtation to try your first month in “The Society,” you’ll get instant access to:

society-product-suitegreen-check-darkThe upgraded Fit Father Meal Plan – with new portions, new food combinations, & advanced fat loss nutrition strategies.(Value: $100)

green-check-darkThe new advanced workout routines – for both fat loss & muscle building to keep your body progressing (Value: $100)

green-check-darkYour ongoing accountability coaching emails from me to keep you on track (Value: $200)

green-check-darkNEW BONUS: you get access to “The Fit Father Society VIP Member’s Only Group” where you will get 24/7 access to our Fit Father trainers and the other Society Members so you stay accountable. This VIP group & community is perhaps the most powerful feature of the program.

The Fit Father Society is not just another “program.” It’s an invitation to join a band of brothers who are all committed to living healthier and stronger.

Dr. Anthony, how much does access to “The Society” cost?”

Just like FF30X, I wanted to make the price of “The Society” an absolute no-brainer for you.

I figured that since one single hour of personal training session with any average-joe trainer costs at minimum $50-$100 per hour…


And with how 99% of personal training works, you’d leave that session without a game plan for the other 23 hours of the day until you fork over another $100 later that week…

That model of “ongoing coaching” is VERY BROKEN.

So I decided to make 24/7 access to “The Society” less than the price of 1 single personal training session – just $47/mo.

As a member of “The Fit Father Society,” you get:

• new expert-designed workouts for you every month.

• new updated meal plans as you progress.

• the weekly accountability email training you love.

• over $2000 in bonus programs & courses (on important topics like increasing testosterone & libido, improving brain health, improving flexibility, and getting your family healthy with you).

• 24/7 access to The Society’s powerful VIP coaching group.

To me, getting membership inside “The Fit Father Society” with expert coaching from our team and over $2000 in value (for just $47/mo) is as much of a “no-brainer” decision as possible.

At this point, you know the quality of our programs here at “The Fit Father Project.”

If I’ve been doing my job properly, you also know how much I personally care about your success.

That’s why we back all of our Fit Father Programs – including “The Society” – with our Ironclad 100% Money Back Satisfaction Guarantee & 30-Day Trial, so you have full confidence in trying the Society “Phase #2 programs” for a full month risk free.

Because you are in the ff30x program, I want to officially invite you to accept your invitaiton into “The Society”…

society-reserve-boldAs you’re still finishing up FF30X, I want to give you the opportunity right now to reserve your spot in “The Society” ahead of time – so you can seamlessly receive your new workouts & updated meal plan right on Day #30 of FF30X.

When you reserve your spot in “The Society,” your 30-day trial into the Society Program will start right after you Finish FF30X.

If permanent, guaranteed health results is something you want for yourself, I recommend you try your first month inside “The Fit Father Society” 100% risk-free.

Click the button below to request we reserve your spot in “The Society.”

Important Note #1: we will not accept or processes your initial $47 entry investment until you successfully complete FF30X. Your first month is also 100% risk-free. If you’re not satisfied with “The Society” for any reason, you will receive a full, prompt, and courteous refund.

Important Note #2: After your 30-day trial inside the Society, you can cancel your membership anytime. No funny business, hidden charges, or contracts.

At this point, you hopefully have seen the integrity of our entire Fit Father Project team. We do this for guys like you – far more importantly than a paycheck.

It’s my goal with “The Society” to make your continued success as simple, guaranteed,  & affordable as possible.

Again, you can click the button below to reserve your spot inside “The Society.”

I can’t wait to keep supporting you with even greater results with our next-level “Society” programs 🙂

Let’s finish FF30X strong, .

dr-anthony-circle-brightYour health coach,
Dr. Anthony Balduzzi
Founder, The Fit Father Project
Head of The Fit Father Society