Congratulations on Completing Your Final Phase #1 Check-In!

, Here Is Your Invitation To FF30X Phase #2…

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success-after-ff30x-460There are very few things more frustrating than slowly losing all the weight loss progress you’ve made over the past few weeks.

Sadly, I get emails from guys who were extremely successful on FF30X Phase #1 (losing 20+lbs)… who thought they could continue without the new workouts and continuation meal plan that we offer in FF30X Phase #2 + “The Society.”

Some guys try to just repeat the FF30X Phase #1 plan (which doesn’t work as your body has adapted to the workotus and eating plan).

These frustrated guys write me a few weeks after stopping FF30X to share the following…

• “Dr. Anthony, my progress totally stopped. I’m regaining the weight, and I don’t know what’s happening…”

• “I fell off track. I let you and myself down.”

• “I’ve blown the program. I feel like a total failure.”

Listen, there is nothing more frustrating and discouraging than taking 10 steps backward after you’ve already experienced good success over the past few weeks.

Failure doesn’t have to happen to you anymore.

Here are the 3 KeyS You need Because You Completed Phase #1

Key #1: You need simple tweaks to your current meal plan to continue coaxing your metabolism to burn fat as you’re getting leaner.

Key #2: You need fresh new workouts to that will challenge your body and “mix things up” for continued fat burning.

Key #3: You need continued accountability to keep you motivated and on-track.

My #1 goal is to ensure the results of our work together are PERMANENT…

This time, we are not leaving your continued success to chance.

We are guaranteeing your success by continuing this bulletproof Fit Father Plan.

When you make another smart decision to upgrade to FF30X Phase #2 + The Society today, I’m sticking with you and handing you everything you need to keep winning.

Inside “The Society + FF30X Phase #2,” you’ll get instant access to…

  • your new Phase #2 workouts.
  • your new Phase #2 fat loss eating plan.
  • more great coaching & accountability from me.
  • Over $600 in additional bonus programs.

4-stepAgain, just like FF30X Phase #1 that you’ve already used, FF30X Phase #2 is incredibly simple. Just some powerful tweaks to the core plan you’re already using and loving.

Phase #2 will help ensure that you transform all the momentum we’re built this month into PERMANENT HEALTH CHANGES and even faster results.

I know you are comitted at this point, because you are reading this letter and you’ve nearly completed FF30X Phase #1 program. Getting on Phase #2 is your next step.

To ensure your success, I created 3 ways for you to continue after FF30X Phase #1.

I listed your 3 continuation options below in easy tables with everything included in each package for you to decide how you want to continue.

Choose which package you want and click one of the buttons below. My team will upgrade you immediately to get you instant access to your new programs. Just like Phase #1, each of these packages is backed by our Bulletproof 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.

Here are answers to some common questions about Phase #2…

Q: What is the difference between FF30X Phase #2 and The Fit Father Society?

Answer: The FF30X Phase #2contains your new workouts, eating plan, & accountabiltiy system. It’s $77. The Fit Father Society – which also includes the complete Phase #2 program – in addition over $700 in bonus programs, group coaching, and special VIP access to all future Fit Father programs – is $97 for the year. FF30X Phase #2 is included in both packages. The Fit Father Society is best for guys who want to make this a long-term lifestyle change. It is our best value program – outside of our 1 on 1 coaching.

Q: Do I need any new equipment or supplements to start Phase #2?

Answer: Nope! You are all set. Because you are on FF30X, you have everything you need already to get started with Phase #2. The workouts use the same “at home” and “at the gym” setups to match the type of equipment you have access to.

Q: Can I do both VIP 1-on-1 health consulting and The Fit Father Society/Phase #2 together?

Answer: Yes. The elite VIP consulting package includes all programs we currently offer. If you choose to apply for 1-on-1 consulting, we recommend you get started with Phase #2 while we are reviewing your application. If you are accepted as a consulting client, we will reduce your first month’s consulting installment by the price of Phase #2 access.

Q: Will the health consulting work for me with where I live?

Answer: Yes – as long as you are in the United States. Dr. Anthony is able to do custom blood work and consulting for you REMOTELY. All consulting appointments will be handled through secure video chat software. If you live outside the US and would like still like consulting, we have modified packages that exclude blood work. You will still need to apply to see if you are a good client fit for the program.

Q: How do the other programs included in my The Fit Father Society Membership work?

Answer: When you choose to upgrade to The Fit Father Society, you will get instant access to Phase #2 to get started with. In the Phase #2 program, you will receive instructions on how to incorporate the other bonus programs (i.e. big arms & 6-pack abs programs) into the exercises. Upon becoming a “Society” member, you will be able to access all the programs inside this training area.

Q: How does the guarantee work for Phase #2 + “The Society”?

Answer: Simple. Just like FF30X, we back this program with our 100% Satisfaction Money Back Guarantee for 60-days. You can go through the entire program, and if you’re not “bouncing off the walls thrilled,” we give you a full and prompt refund. It’s that simple. You know how much we care about your results and the quality of our programs. That’s why we make these guarantees to you.

Here’s what to do next…

1) Choose the package level that you want to get started with.

2) You’ll get instant access to Phase #2 plus your other Fit Father Society program on the next page.

At this point, you’ve seen first-hand…

  • the quality of the Fit Father programs.
  • how good our Fit Father coaching is.
  • how good the results you experience are.
  • most importantly: how much I care about you and your success.

It’s my goal with the Fit Father Project to make your continued success as simple as possible.

Get started on the package you choose by clicking one of the buttons below. All of the packages are risk free just like FF30X, and I know you’re going to love this new training.

With whichever package level you choose, I am looking forward to supporting you with even greater results with your Phase #2 program. Select your preferred package below.

If you have any unanswered questions about these packages, you know where to email me 🙂

dr-anthony-circle-brightI’ll see you inside Phase #2 in a second,
Dr. Anthony Balduzzi
Founder, The Fit Father Project
Creator of FF30X Phase #1 & 2 + “The Society”