[FF30X] Submit Your Week #3 Check-in

Letter from the desk of: Dr. Anthony Balduzzi
Founder, The Fit Father Project
Creator, FF30X Phases #1, #2, & #3
Here’s Your Week #3 Weight Check-in Page


Welcome to your Week #3 weight update page! Let’s celebrate your success in your third week of FF30X with this check-in before we move¬†into the final week of your Phase #1 program.

As you’re moving forward on the FF30X Program series…

Here’s a simple roadmap of which programs are next for you in your Fit Father Transformation Journey (View Roadmap Here).

Remember: It’s perfectly normal if you haven’t been completely consistent with the program so far. Please don’t beat yourself up over it! Nobody is completely perfect on this FF30X plan. It’s designed to get you results without requiring perfection.

The point of these check-ins is just to touch base and provide some accountability to keep you moving forward. That’s all! If you’re feeling off track, use this check-in as a chance to be honest with yourself and recommit to doing better this upcoming week.

Complete the form below to submit your Week #3 weight tracking:

, please fill out the form above & hit “submit” to send me and my team your Week #3 Check-in.

Also, today is a good chance to start looking ahead at the FF30X Phase #2 Progam that picks up immediately after Phase #1 and gives you the new workouts, meal plan tweaks, and continued accountability you need to continue progressing.

You can click here to read the FF30X Phase #2 overview letter (link opens in a new window)

Really looking forward to seeing how you’re doing!

Dr. Anthony Balduzzi
Founder, The Fit Father Project
Creator, FF30X Phases #1 , #2, & #3
Has helped over 22,000 men lose 90,000lbs